Peinture acrylique abstraite sur toile, art contemporain

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Nicolas Mathieu-Dosière is a French born visual artist. After doing studies to become a classical musician, he shifted into visual arts and dedicated himself to painting. He is currently living and working in Évreux, Normandy (27), an hour from Paris.

His production is characterized by the use of multiple media (acrylic, oil, spray paint, acrylic markers, ink, pastels, charcoal, etc.), audacious colours, powerful, bold and expressive paint strokes and a nervous drawing style. The artwork of Mathieu-Dosière conveys great energy and power that directly reach the spectator.

His work is influenced by prehistoric art and ancient art and by the 20th and 21st century art. Artists who had a great impact on him are Pierre Soulages, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell and Kazuo Shiraga, among others. Nicolas Mathieu-Dosière is also very curious and likes to pay a close attention to the contemporary art scene.

Working in a continual urge, he produces expressive large canvases, paintings on paper, mixed media on paper, drawings, etchings and fine-art prints (giclées).

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